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Acest certificat reprezinta garantia fata de partenerii Trocal, Kommerling si KBE ca Profine GmbH si-a adaptat productia de profile PVC in directia protejarii omului si a mediului inconjurator


Windows KBE 70 AD

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The KBE 70 mm Windows are made from PVC profiles imported from Germany, used in most European countries, being a profile with unique thermic and noise properties.

The production conditions and the rigorous quality control have allowed the production of durable windows, which require few maintenance and are safe to operate.




- 70 mm wide;
- 5 compartments profiles;
- Environmental friendly profiles (no lead contained);
- Heat transfer coefficient: K = 1.3 W / mpK
- Coextruded gasket glass rod;
- 2 gasket sets (inside - outside).

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